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At the beginning. Usually, wooden floors are not suitable to be installed on areas with heavy humidity, such as the bathroom. Most of our flooring has a certain level of waterproofing within 36 hours, so wiping it dry before water seeps into the floor won’t cause significant damage. Therefore, the kitchen is safe to use. Of course, for SPC flooring users, there’s no need to worry, as SPC flooring is 100% waterproof.

Daily uses.

As with many other products, a certain amount of maintenance is required to keep a floor in good condition. With proper maintenance, your engineered wood floor will retain its beauty for years to come. Light floors are typically more sensitive to wear and scratch than dark ones, and therefore require more frequent cleaning and maintenance. Our wood floors are durable and easy to keep clean, but there are things you need to bear in mind about

1. The first thing you can do for your wood floor is to get a good doormat to clean and dry shoes before entering the home. Ideally both inside and outside of the door. The reason for doing this is to keep gravel and sand outside. These small, inconspicuous particles can potentially create minor scratches on the floor due to friction.

2. Put soft pads on the bottom of table and chair legs and keep an eye that they don’t fall off. Don’t use protectors made of metal as they may scratch the floor.


When cleaning the floor, please use a vacuum cleaner or a wrung-out mop and mop. You can also use professional cleaning agents for cleaning. For hardwood floors: dry cleaning is the best method to clean hardwood floors rather than wet cleaning. Use a vacuum cleaner and brush frequently and occasionally a damp, wrung-out cloth/mop. For the best results, you may consider using a professional cleaning agent: WOCA Natural Soap. Mixing the cleaning agent with water in a certain ratio allows you to clean the floor by wet washing. Additionally, this is also an effective way to remove stubborn stains.

Note: Since our flooring has different surface coatings such as oil, wax, or lacquer applied, avoid using strong detergents, as they can cause discoloration or damage to the surface finish.


To maintain a longevity and shining surface of your flooring, it is recommended to perform annual maintenance. In the case of minor scuffs or scratches, these can be repaired through localized sanding and reapplication of the coating. After 5-10 years of use, if there are more substantial scratches or damage, a refinishing process can be considered. For surface layers with a thickness of 3mm, 1-2 refinishing processes can be done, while 4mm layers can undergo 2-3 refinishing processes Natural oil-treated floors should be maintained immediately after installation and recommended for annual maintenance thereafter. For wood wax oil-treated floors, the first maintenance should occur after six months from installation, and subsequent annual maintenance is also recommended.” To maintain the flooring, it’s essential to use a professional floor care product, and we recommend WOCA Diamond Oil Active. Here are the steps:

1.Begin by cleaning the floor with a professional cleaning agent and allow it to dry completely, which may take up to 8 hours.

2.Apply WOCA Diamond Oil Active at a rate of 1 deciliter (dl) per 4 square meters of flooring. Use a dry cloth to evenly spread the product, covering the entire floor.

3.Allow 24 hours for the care product to penetrate the wood flooring and form a protective layer. During this time, it’s important to keep the room free of foot traffic. Once the 24 hours have passed, your floor will have a nourished shine.

Enjoy the renewed luster and beauty of your well-maintained flooring!